The Best Places to Propose in Abbotsford

Romance is certainly in the air around this time of year and many couples will be seeking to spend quality time together over the holidays. If you are planning on proposing to your partner in the coming months, then ensuring that the proposal itself is an event that you will remember for the rest of your lives is important.

Nothing makes a proposal great like the location. Fortunately, in Abbotsford, there are several romantic places to choose from to set the stage for your proposal. If you want to be sure that you have considered all of the options in the area – and provided your proposal with a seasonal touch – then let’s look at some of the best places to propose in Abbotsford.

Glow Proposal

Christmas Glow Abbotsford

If you are looking for a seasonal way to pop the big question this year, then you need to consider Christmas Glow as your romantic destination of choice. Though the expansive Christmas light displays and food and drink options are designed to be family-friendly, the setting is also perfect for bringing a date and setting the right mood for romance. Afterwards, you can even enjoy some live entertainment from a host of different acts. You might even find Santa Claus, who will certainly be there to offer kind regards to your engagement.

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Couple riding horses

Glen Valley Stables

Located in nearby Langley, the Glen Valley Stables are a perfect proposal location for those who love horses (or a bit of adventure). If your partner would appreciate a proposal while on horseback or while on the trail, then be sure to look into this location. They are open throughout the winter for private trail rides that will set the stage for your engagement perfectly.


Discovery Trail

If you and your partner are outdoorsy types, then you’ll be keen to explore the Discovery Trail in Abbotsford for a great proposal spot. The trail spans across most of the north side of Abbotsford and wanders in and out of forested areas. Along the trail, you will find countless picturesque spots that provide opportunities for getting down on one knee and popping the big question. In the winter, you might find the foliage covered in a light dusting of snow – perfect for setting the background for engagement photographs!

People Skating in Skating Rink

Abbotsford Recreation Centre

If you have always thought of proposing to your partner while in the middle of a romantic ice-skating session, then take advantage of the rink at the Abbotsford Recreation Centre this season. While outdoor rinks may carry a more romantic charm by allowing you to propose under the light of the stars and moon, with an indoor rink you can at least be confident that inclement weather will not delay your engagement for another day.

Wine glass romatic dinner

Dinner and a Show

Classic proposal scenes usually take place at a fancy restaurant. If you are a classic type of person, then this may be the direction that you want to take. Fortunately, Abbotsford is filled with great options for dining and you are sure to find something delicious to suit the tastes of you and your partner. Try the famous Restaurant 62 to sample some essential Pacific Northwest fare in stylish surroundings that will set the stage for a mid-meal proposal. Afterwards, consider seeing a movie or a concert to celebrate your successful engagement together.

Field of tulips

Tulip Festival

Finally, although this option is not based in the winter season, it is essential to mention. So essential, in fact, that you might even delay your proposal plans just to have the option of proposing at this event. Each year, the tulip festival in Abbotsford fills an enormous area with beautifully coloured and displayed flowers that set an incredible backdrop for a proposal. Spring is a time for new life to begin, and the abundant and vibrant tulips will inspire you to take the next step in your own life together with your partner.


Naturally, you likely already have an idea as to where you can make the most meaningful proposal to your partner. If you are planning to propose this winter season, then make sure to get your plans in order and make any necessary reservations at the venue of your choice.

The limits to what counts as a good place to propose in Abbotsford will only be limited to your creativity and imagination. With many more excellent options located nearby (in neighbouring Vancouver, for example), you’re sure to find the perfect place to pop the big question.


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