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Business Partnerships

We’re always looking for local businesses that have similar values, goals, and audiences. Let’s talk about the opportunities!

Promotional Partnership

Partner with Glow to earn commission on tickets sold to your customers. A customized code tracks all referrals from your print or digital promotions.

Or you can provide value for your customers by offering them access to special Glow pricing, exclusive to your business! In return, you will be featured on our website as an official Partner!

Social Media & e-Newsletter Partnership

Do you have a strong social reach and believe your brand and audience is a good fit with Glow? Collaborate with Glow to develop new brand awareness by cross-promoting our businesses via social media and email newsletter channels.

On-site Partnership

Create a tailored partnership that integrates your brand/product into our exhibit and creates a meaningful experience for our guests. We’d be happy to discuss a customized approach!

Contact us to discuss a customized sponsorship package for your brand.

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