The Santa Claus Parade in Edmonton

Santa reminding the crowd to be nice from his sleigh in the Edmonton parade.


With so much for you and your family to see and do during the holiday season, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. To ensure you don’t miss any Christmas fun, we’ve put in the time to find some of the best local events happening near you this season.

Christmas is coming, and so is Edmonton’s annual Santa Claus Parade! It’s no secret that Santa is the spirit of Christmas; it just would not be complete without his rosy red cheeks and thick white beard and of course, the galloping of his reindeers as he thrashes the reins atop his big, round belly. So where better to see the man himself than in Edmonton’s electric Santa Claus parade? 

When Exactly Is It?

Santa’s illuminated sleigh being pulled by reindeer.

This year’s parade will be held on Saturday, November 30th, meaning that even hard-working adults should be able to find time to attend. It’ll take place on Main Street Leduc, but don’t worry, the call of the parade will always find you. Be warned about traffic in the area, however, as some street closures may make it tricky to get around.

What Else Can I Do at the Parade?

Kicking off at 6 pm, there’ll be a whole host of music and activities aimed at getting you in the mood; there will be treats and snacks available throughout the evening, with hot dogs and hot chocolate, as well as s’mores and a whole lot more. Rumour even has it that Santa Claus himself has even agreed to take some time off before his parade duties to take some photographs with any attendees who want to capture a very special moment. 

The Edmonton Santa Claus parade isn’t just the festive occasion of the year; — it promises to be the festive occasion of the decade! So save the date and get on down; just don’t forget to bring your friends and family with you.

The Route

Santa Claus reaching out to onlookers during the parade.

All the stops have been pulled out to make this a night to remember. The Edmonton Santa Claus Parade will start on 50 Avenue and then continue onto 50 street. Careful planning has gone into making sure the route is the right fit for everyone involved, and this year all signs point to the organizers have cracked it. 

The scheduled hour allocated to the floats allows everybody ample time to experience the action, without running the risk of frostbitten fingers and toes or any coal worthy tantrums.

General Advice

Attendees to the parade are well-advised to bring extra layers such as fleeces and blankets (due to the forecasted temperature), as well as collapsible chairs (if necessary). Early arrival is advised as well, due to the volume of expected attendees, and this way you can secure yourself a prime spot and avoid any eye-straining disappointment. Arriving early also carries the benefit of having the time to indulge in an extra hot dog or s’more or a few more glasses of wine (if you’re not the designated driver, that is). 

Make sure anyone wishing to sit on Santa’s knee brings their Christmas list — and don’t be embarrassed, age is just a number — as he has personally requested to hear what everyone wants to find underneath their tree on Christmas morning. 

The beauty of a parade is that whilst kids can find majesty and beauty in the expertly crafted creations, adults can also enjoy the evening as a social occasion to meet new friends and forge lifelong relationships with like-minded people. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year,  especially when it comes to bringing people together.


Santa waving from his sleigh during the annual Edmonton Santa Claus Parade.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a native or a tourist, Edmonton’s Santa Claus Parade is the talk of the season and you’re encouraged to get yourself down to see it if possible. It’s not just a celebration of Christmas, but of what it means to be Canadian. And with every year the profile of the Santa Claus Parade keeps on growing alongside the many memories shared and stored.

Should your hunger for all things Santa Claus not be satisfied, it’s definitely worth checking out the Christmas Glow events being held in Edmonton this year as well. With live music, vendor markets displaying artisanal crafts from Edmonton locals, a licensed on-site bar, and more than a million lights twinkling across a range of different illuminated structures and playgrounds, the interactive activities on offer will ensure you’re not left wanting for even a second.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Edmonton’s annual Santa Claus Parade.


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