Best Christmas Lights Displays in Halifax

Ah, Christmas. Eggnog, presents, mince pies, reindeer – is there anything not to love about the season? Known far and wide as the holiday for giving, Christmas has been capturing the hearts and minds of children, adults, and everybody in between for longer than anyone can remember. 

One of the most visually stunning aspects of Christmas is the huge array of lighting displays that people go to great lengths to put up. Halifax has a particularly impressive amount to offer on this front, meaning that no matter what you’re looking for in your ideal light display experience, the city will be able to provide an answer. Here are our top 5 Christmas lights displays in Halifax.

Santa's Sleigh


The main premise of Santa’s Sleigh Adventure is that good old Nick has crashed is sleigh, causing all his reindeer to run off. Santa needs help from participants to save Christmas, creating a really enjoyable event with a bit of a narrational twist. Apart from the storyline, there’s plenty of reasons to recommend the Glow Festival in Halifax. From local crafts to local cuisine, the very best of the city will be on display. Kids can spend hours in the interactive playgrounds and child-friendly entertainment features, while adults who might be feeling a little tired after a long day of holiday cheer will be glad to hear that there’s a dedicated, licensed bar at the event where they can kick back with their friends and put their feet up. With something for everyone, Santa’s Sleigh Adventure is not to be missed.

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An enormous part of the charm of Christmas lights displays is how much work some of the local residents put into their efforts. There’s no better place to see homegrown, seasonal creativity than in the Mt Royale Park area of the city — pay particular attention to Bentley Drive, Salzburg Place, and Sophia Street. These few roads make up the bulk of a community that is determined to keep improving their display game. This year, you can expect to find plenty of adorable figurines (some of them handmade) spread out across front lawns, as well as a ton of spectacularly-lighted homes. The holiday spirit is all about the community and what better way to celebrate it than by taking a trip through such a unified neighbourhood?



Christmas lights displays aren’t all about lights, despite the name. As a matter of fact, the enjoyability factor of the overall experience is always helped by a little musical accompaniment; and if it’s music you’re looking for, Cornwallis Park’s Splendour in the Park might just be worth paying a visit to. The coordinated light show is scored to traditional holiday music — get ready for a blast from the past in the best way — and will be happening on a daily basis until January the 2nd. As a part of the overall Halifax Lights Festival, plenty of work has gone into the show, which runs from 4 pm until midnight, with the music terminating an hour earlier than the overall event.


Encompassing a number of different streets such as Rosebank Avenue and Jubilee Road, this is another district in the city of Halifax that outdoes itself year after year when it comes to Christmas lights displays. The best way to experience the magic of the occasion is to leave the car in a safe spot and have a walk around the entire block with your kids. It’s not too big, meaning nobody will get cranky, and there are plenty of things to see. Christmas movies are projected onto huge screens, for one, and there are hot chocolate stalls all over the place. Lastly, you’ll also be able to make donations to the Salvation Army.

Christmas lights displays come in a wide range of different flavours, but they all have one thing in common: the ability to create thoroughly unforgettable memories in the minds of everybody who witnesses them. Halifax has a really engaging spread of residential and commercial light displays, all of which promise a really great time. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your Christmas lights display adventure today!


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