The Best Places to Propose in Halifax


As one of the premier Canadian cities on the east coast, Halifax can be the perfect setting for a memorable proposal – if you know where to do it! Especially at Christmas, there are many outdoor and indoor venues that will provide you with an ambiance that is perfect for setting the tone for a serious proposal.

To provide you with some inspiration for where to pop the big question, let’s look at some of the best places to propose in Halifax.

Glow Proposal

Christmas Glow Halifax

At this time of year, the best place to pop the big question with your partner is Christmas Glow. This Christmas-themed spectacle is a great way to explore dynamic and diverse light displays and a romantic ambiance that will set the right tone for your proposal. Besides Christmas lights, you can expect to find abundant artisanal stalls which are great for perusing and finding Christmas gifts to commemorate a successful engagement. If you find that either of you is feeling a bit hungry after the big event, then you will also enjoy the variety of food and drink options readily available onsite.

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Halifax Citadel

Winter Hiking in Halifax

For a low-cost date idea that will provide many opportunities for surprise proposals, try taking your partner on a scenic winter hike in the Halifax area. With many natural wonders to explore around the city, you are sure to find a private moment while on the trail that will set the mood for a proper proposal. You can try the Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park or the Cole Harbour Heritage Park Trails to see if the ocean views will suit what you have in mind for your picture-perfect proposal.

Oval skating rink

On a Skating Oval or Rink

Skating rinks can make for a great place to pop the question – as long as you make the effort to make it a bit romantic! In Halifax, there are many options for skating. If you prefer, you can choose to get down on one skate at the skating oval or on the rink at Dartmouth Lake (preferably when it has frozen over). Either option will allow you to enjoy some brisk physical activity with your partner to get your blood pumping before you say your prepared lines!

If skating isn’t your forte, then try making a date of sledding with your partner. Relive your childhood memories of flying down the local Citadel Hill with a classic GT Racer or a toboggan. Afterwards, you will likely have worked up enough adrenaline to pop the question with confidence.

Halifax Waterfront

Waterfront Wandering

Within the city itself, Halifax offers many great places to ask your partner the big question. The Halifax Waterfront, for example, is a good spot to look out over the water and think about your relationship with your partner. With all of this introspection, you will have ample time to work out the right moment for a great proposal.

burning fireplace

At Home, in Front of the Fire

While this might not be the most public option for proposing to your loved one, it is both seasonal and romantic! If Halifax is your home, then you can stay warm and make a memorable proposal from the comfort of your own home! Get your partner in the mood for romance with a fantastic date evening (perhaps at one of the above locations) and then wait until you are back home in front of a crackling fire to complete your proposal. If done right, this can be just as romantic as any of the above options!

fine dining halifax

Fine Dining in Halifax

If you are more into the classic dinner proposal idea, then you are in luck! Halifax offers many romantic fine dining options that will set the perfect stage for your proposal. Especially if you enjoy fresh seafood, then your options are truly endless. To start, check out the Bluenose II restaurant to propose at a Halifax landmark institution. With every kind of seafood that you can imagine on offer, you are sure to show your partner a good time. If you are into a more low-key eatery setting for your proposal, then try one of the many cafes that are treasured by the locals.


Ultimately, the best place to propose to your partner will be somewhere that is meaningful to both of you and will set the right romantic tone for the event. Give it a bit of thought and consider the areas around Halifax that you have both enjoyed together.

Water vantage points make innately good spots for proposals and – like a city on the water – Halifax offers abundant places to pop the big question in this regard. The options outlined here – marine-based or not – are all great for a romantic proposal, but the choice is best left to you!


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