12 Months of Date Ideas in Hartford, CT

This article originally published in 2022, has been Updated for 2023-24!

Though February is known for Valentine’s Day, love is in the air all year round! Whether you’re nervously researching for a first date or looking for something new for a long-term partner, any time of year is perfect for spending time with the one you love most. And when every month of the year has its own special flavor, it’s not a bad idea to tailor your dates to the given season. Here’s twelve date ideas in and around Hartford, one for each upcoming month— starting right now. Love won’t wait for 2024! 

October 2023 – Go on a Ghost Tour

Great for: If Halloween is their favorite holiday. 

You know the old trope; you bring your crush to a scary movie, and as the tension builds on-screen, they curl up in your arms with fright… as cliché as it may seem, a good (safe and fun!) scare can really bring people together. Now that it’s approaching Halloween, the Mark Twain House & Museum is offering their Graveyard Shift Ghost Tours. Walk through the real historic house and experience exclusive creepy stories firsthand— and hand in hand! 

Dates: Oct. 13 – Oct. 27 

November 2023 – See a Tribute Concert

Great for: When you just can’t wait to spend Christmas with them. 

Christmas is the most magical time of year; why not celebrate it a little early? Glow Hartford features everything you need for a festive date night— brilliant light installations for cute couple photos, live entertainment every night, tasty food and drink, and even a chance for a romantic train ride (or, as we call it, the Glow-comotive). Plus, it’s open until Christmas Eve, so there’s plenty of flexibility. Take full advantage of the season and make this a date to cherish! 

Dates: Nov. 18 – Dec. 23

January 2024 – Appreciate Baroque Art 

Great for: Showing them something as beautiful as they are.  

See one of the most famous artistic rivalries of all time right in front of your eyes! Borromini and Bernini: The Challenge For Perfection shows the historical feud between the two artists through all their most incredible works, bringing them to life on the big screen. It’s a great fit for dates with anyone who loves art, history, or film. One night only— don’t miss it! 

Dates: Jan. 14

February 2024 – Watch a Monster Truck Rally 

Great for: Someone who isn’t afraid to get a little messy. 

Most people wouldn’t say “romantic date” and “monster trucks” in the same breath— and that’s exactly what makes Monster Jam such a perfect date night pick. You certainly won’t be bored watching these talented drivers rush around the arena! To keep the date night fun going, don’t forget to pick up passes to the Pit Party, where you can see the trucks up close and take pictures with the drivers and crew. It’ll be like nothing they’ve ever seen before! 

Dates: Jan. 14

March 2024 – Go in Like a Lion… 

Great for: Globetrotting right in your own backyard.… 

Well, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo doesn’t have a lion, but with both an Amur tiger and Andean bear on-site, it’ll have you saying, “oh my!” There’s nothing cooler than seeing rare species from all around the world right in front of your eyes— who else can say they’ve seen a giant anteater, or a two-toed sloth, or an African giant millipede? And if your partner loves watching cute animals online, they’ll have a great time seeing the red pandas, axolotls, and chinchillas. It’s a great option for animal lovers of all kinds! 

Dates: Year-round!

April 2024 – Catch the End of Hockey Season 

Great for: Showing off your Hartford spirit!  

April is the last month of the Hartford Wolf Pack’s 2023-2024 run, so don’t miss this chance to root for the home team! Put on your jerseys or merch and head to the XL Center for the climactic end to this season. Don’t worry if you aren’t usually a sports fan, or if you’re new to hockey; it’s an exciting sport to watch, even for total newcomers. Take this as a chance to introduce your partner to something new! 

Dates: Apr. 3 – Apr. 21

May 2024 – Look for Birds in Nature 

Great for: A calm, quiet, nature-focused date.  

You hear the birds chirping as you wake up every morning; get to know them better with the Hartford Audobon Society. They’re hosting plenty of bird walks around the Hartford area, as well as a few farther out, so this is a great choice for both casual dates and bigger excursions. Open to birders of all experience levels— even if you’re brand-new!  

Dates: May 1 – May 25

June 2024 – Stop and Smell the Roses

Great for: Something truly romantic— without breaking the bank.  

A bouquet of roses is certainly nice, but it can’t compete with a whole garden! June is peak rose season in Connecticut, making the rose gardens at Elizabeth Park the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. Pair it with a picnic, drop by the Pond House Café, or attend one of the park’s events to make the romance last a little longer. As a bonus, admission is free! 

Dates: Year-round.

July 2024 – Jam Out to Jazz

Great for: An outdoor concert experience with the one you love most. 

You like jazz? The Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz is a yearly city tradition, showcasing all the genre’s greatest local musicians. Hosted outdoors in sunny Bushnell Park, this festival draws thousands of music lovers every year. Settle down in lawn chairs or dance together on the soft Connecticut grass, all while supporting a local art nonprofit! 

Dates: Jul. 18 – Jul. 24

August 2024 – Watch the Dragon Boats Race 

Great for: A little bit of everything, from performances to sports to art to food.  

Whether you’re celebrating your own heritage, engaging with your partner’s culture, or simply eager to learn more about the world, cultural festivals are a great place to start. At the Riverfront Dragon Boat & Asian Festival, you and your partner can engage with Asian and Pacific Island cultures in a ton of fun ways: watching the Dragon Boat race, doing arts and crafts, watching martial arts and dance performances, and, of course, eating delicious food. Dinner and a show by the waterfront— what’s a better date than that? 

Dates: Begins Aug.19

September 2024 – Head to a County Fair

Great for: When your perfect date involves thrill rides and fried food— and whose doesn’t? 

The Guilford Fair has everything you could ever want from a county fair; alongside the classic carnival rides, circus, and petting zoo, you can find live music, camel rides, racing pigs, a brewery tent, and even a spelling bee! You’ll never be bored when you’re on the grounds, making this a perfect choice for an all-day date. Plus, as the second-oldest fair in Connecticut— established in 1859!— you’re a part of history the whole time you’re there. 

Dates: Sept. 20 – Sept. 22

BONUS: October-December 2024 – Start a Tradition  

Perfect for: Never running out of dates! 

After a year of dates for every season, you have the unique opportunity to start an annual tradition with the one you love. Try coming back to the Mark Twain House for a scare next Halloween, make concerts at the Infinity Music Hall a November staple, or make it a point to return to Glow Hartford every Christmas season. Here’s to many years of love! 

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