Interactive Features

Engage and take several merry Glow-arounds the venue!

The spectacular light sculptures are not only great for your photos, you can interact with some of them too! Find many of these spots throughout the venue and make sure to spread the winter cheer on social.

light tunnels

Tunnel of Lights

Stroll through this giant luminous tunnel and under the twinkling archway – a gateway to a yuletide wonderland, chock full of delightful surprises for the whole family!

Hanging Picture Frames

Your season’s pictures just got better! Pose behind these larger-than-life illuminated picture frames and keep a photo, gif, or video as a memorabilia of your glowing time.

Don’t forget to tag us on your posts with #GlowHartford and #GlowHartford2022.

enchanted forest glow

Enchanted Forest

Magical creatures and magnificent flora await at these mysterious grounds (hidden elves too, perhaps?). Go on a yuletide adventure and get lost in the lights.

northen lights selfie shot

Northen Lights

No Glow experience is complete without taking in the spectacular Northern Lights. Interact with the hanging beams of light and strike a pose against this magnificent backdrop.

artic circle

Arctic Circle

Jolly penguins and majestic whales are among the polar wildlife you will encounter in this monochrome winterscape. Could one of our missing elves also be among the visitors in this winter wonderland?