christmas light show

Yuletide Scavenger Hunt

The search for the perfect Christmas gift begins!

Tinsel, Chestnut, Jingle, and Jangle are out to find just the right present for Santa this holiday season.

Every year, Santa works tirelessly and selflessly to give all the little boys and girls around the world their hand-picked presents.

This Christmas, the elves have come together to find the perfect gift for Santa to thank him for all his work.

Four elves, each with their unique gifts, began their search separately in fantastic locations:

  • Silly and jolly Tinsel wants to find a gift that would make Santa smile in Santa’s Playground
  • Chestnut, Christmas cheer extraordinaire, hopes to find Santa a gift full of wonder in Aurora, a land of light and magic
  • Jingle & Jangle, twins and heads of distribution, sought out the most magical places – the Arctic Circle and Enchanted Forest – for the right gift.

They searched and searched, but couldn’t quite find the perfect gift for the jolliest man with the biggest heart in the world.

Time is running out, and Santa and the other elves are worried they won’t make it back in time for Christmas.

Your mission:

  • Help Santa find the four missing elves, hidden across the Glow grounds
  • When you find one, ask a nearby elf for a stamp on your game card
  • Collect all four and find out what Santa’s Perfect Gift is!

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