Indoor Pumpkin Patch

It’s that exhilarating time of year when the trees change to shades of red
and gold, and vibrant orange balls of fruit are ready for harvest.

The pumpkin…One of the most iconic signs that fall has arrived. (Happy Dance!)

Harvest Glow’s pumpkin patch in Langley BC offers up that memorable family outing to pick your favorite pumpkins, and the best part:
no muddy field, or cold winds or rain. Our pumpkin patch is completely indoors so the weather is never a problem.

And we’re open in the evening, so it’s convenient to stop by after school and work.

We’re stocking 50,000 pumpkins for our five-week festival. Little ones.
Green, white and orange ones! Heavy pumpkins, light pumpkins, itsy bitsy dainty pumpkins. You’re sure to find your perfect pumpkin.

And what will you do with your Harvest Glow pumpkin?

Will it be turned into a spooky decoration for the porch or a delightful centerpiece for the kitchen table?
Don’t forget to share your pumpkin creations with us on:

Pumpkin Carving Station
If you can’t wait to get home to carve your pumpkin into a glowing piece of art, we have all the tools you need to create a jack-o-lantern right on site.
All our tools are kid-friendly, so you can stand back and let their creativity glow.

Magical Pumpkin Moments
You’ll find pumpkin fun around every corner at Harvest Glow. Pull up a hay bail and be serenaded by magical singing pumpkins!
There’s no better backdrop for your fall family photos than our pumpkin tree and pumpkin carriage. Love Insta worthy moments?
Set yourself under our orange and green hanging lights, jump on our glowing LED swings and hopscotch, or take a ride on Glen the Glow-comotive!

With so many fun options, we’ll have you reminiscing until next fall!

Glow Harvest Season
Harvest Glow is closed for 2018 but we'll be back next year.

The Glow Team is busy creating all new experience for Christmas: Glow Around the World. Buy your tickets today!

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