Your Sneak Peek to Harvest Glow

Finally! The fantastic fall season has arrived. Crisp air, vibrant foliage, cute sweaters and the scent of pumpkin spice lattes. And now there’s another reason to be excited for fall: Harvest Glow! The largest indoor fall festival in greater Vancouver.

The Magic of an Indoor Fall Festival

You’ll never forget this family event, held at the Milner Village Garden Centre.  Unlike any other fall event, we are transforming our 150,000 sq feet of glass greenhouses into the largest indoor festival in greater Vancouver.

Forewarning… this delightful event will be unlike any other fall event around. We want to mention this again. This fall festival is indoors. So no fretting about mud in your car and house. No worries about catching a cold in the wind and rain. This muck-free event is an absolute must, that will keep your toes toasty.

Harvest Glow includes everything you love about fall, from our indoor pumpkin patch to the ‘busy bee’ corn maze. Would you believe that every stalk of corn was planted from seed and carefully arranged to create our family corn maze?

Imagine echoes of laughter as your little ones run through our busy bee corn maze

Speaking of ‘busy’, every workday is full of fun and surprises for the Harvest Glow team. Hands up if you remember playing hopscotch! Work is sometimes playing when you’re building a fall festival that includes an LED hopscotch.

These guys have the best job ever. Testing out our gigantic GLOWing hopscotch.

Woman and baby on Glow Swings

It’s not just the autumn leaves that will be turning into bright hues this season. We’ve just finished suspending 30 LED swings from the ceiling. Glide back and forth and tap the swing to change colours! Wind in your hair, soaring through the air… and a smile stretching from cheek to cheek.

Partake in a journey on our two trains, Gloria and Glen the Glow-comotives! “Choo-choo” your way around the largest fall festival in greater Vancouver. 

Train travel, not your style? No problem. Challenge your family and friends to nine holes at Mini Putt in the Patch. Who will be the fall festival mini golf champ in your family? 

Check out our time-lapse as the mini-putt comes together.

Shiver me timbers… We built a pirate ship and a mystical castle in our massive play park.

A fairytale castle in our play park is almost complete. Slides from every angle will keep the little prince and princess climbing the castle walls over and over!

Check out all we’ve got in store.

Explore More for All Ages

Harvest Glow is for kids of ALL ages! There’s plenty of fun and time to GLOW, even after the wee ones have gone to bed (we’re open till 9 pm). Follow the scent of spiced apple cider to our three licensed bars that will be serving up seasonal beverages, including local micro-brews and wines. With comfy seating areas, you can kick back and enjoy some live music.

If you’re a social media aficionado, our gorgeous hanging lights, pumpkin carriage, and costume corner provide lots of Instagrammable moments. And if you prefer to take home a momento, shop for special something in our fall market which features over 20 vendors, including the Glow Shop, which will be full of unique glowing toys, trinkets, candy, and Halloween costumes.

We’re working hard to give you the most unforgettable indoor family event. Local food, local fun, a memorable event for everyone.

Harvest Glow is growing… and will be THE phenomenal fall festival soon to be explored.

Click here if you’re excited to Glow