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About Us

Once upon a winter in 2017

…nestled in the heart of the Lower Mainland, a magical vision sprang to life in what was once a silent greenhouse. Fueled by a desire to sprinkle joy throughout the community, the founders of Glow Christmas Festival set out to create not just an event, but to bring families together and offer a magical experience celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

Each year, we weave a new tale of lights and wonder, inviting families to step into a world bursting with vibrant stories and shimmering playgrounds. Children’s laughter fills the air as they embark on enchanting scavenger hunts. The heartbeats of local talent reverberate in our live performances, while the Merry Makers Market showcases the best of artisanal crafts, setting the perfect backdrop for festive feasts from our select food trucks.

From its humble Langley beginnings, the festival’s magic has spread far and wide, touching hearts across North America, from the East to the West Coast.

Come experience the magic at Christmas Glow!

Our Team

Daryl Driegen

Glow President, Co-founder

Started in 2017
Favorite Holiday Tradition: when the entire family travels in and we spend a bunch of evenings together sharing stories as we have family spread throughout North America.

Kaitlyn Scheper

General Manager – Langley

Started in 2017 (Glow’s first employee!)
Favourite Holiday Tradition: building Lego with my kids through the break and seeing my family on New Year’s day and enjoying olliebollen

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