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Capture the Magic: 9 Smartphone Photography Tips for the Christmas season

The festive season is perfect for capturing photos with loved ones amidst the enchanting lights and spirited decorations.

Dive into our tips below to ensure every click this Christmas shines with impeccable brilliance and merry moments are captured flawlessly. 📸🎄

Top 9 Smartphone Photography Tips for a Picture-Perfect Portrait 📸

Tip 9: A Crystal Clear Beginning

Begin your photographic journey with a spotless lens, ensuring every light captures its fullest glow and all your images stay sharp and vivid. With temperature changes as you go from outdoors to indoors, your camera lens may be likely to fog up, bring a microfibre cloth with you to clean your camera gently!

Tip 8: Illuminate Your World

Avoid using flash and let the glow of the Christmas lights shine through. Wear light-coloured attire to stand out against the night.

Tip 7: Prop It Up

It’s always a little awkward to figure out what to do with your hands in a photo, we find the easiest way to overcome that is to interact with your surroundings or a prop. You could go all out and bring your own props to pose with, or it could be as simple as reaching out to touch a light or adjusting your scarf or hat, doing what feels natural to you.

Tip 6: Orientation is Key

Keep in mind the purpose of your photos. Employ portrait mode for those social media uploads and landscape to immortalize those breathtaking Glow scenes on print and digital frames.

Tip 5: Embrace the Night

Don’t forget about your phone’s Night mode! It allows your camera sensors to take in more light and can turn a pitch-dark image into the perfect shot.

Tip 4: Pristine Memories

The photo didn’t turn out exactly how you turned out? With Google Photos’ magic eraser, keep your family and friends front and centre by effortlessly removing unwanted photobombers from your cherished memories.

Tip 3: Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a guideline for how to compose your photo. Generally, a photo feels more balanced and aesthetically pleasing if your subject is in a third of the frame, leaving the other two-thirds more open. 

Tip 2: Engage with Angles

Crouch, elevate, and explore varying angles to catch the glittering essence of holiday displays in a novel and enchanting light.

Tip 1: Glow With Us!

Come practice all the tips you’ve learned at Glow Langley! Experience the magic of over a million twinkling lights. After you’re done snapping the perfect selfie, grab a photo with Santa or the Glow Princesses! We have set entry times to ensure that there is ample space for families to enjoy the festival but if you want to have first dibs to take photos, buy a ticket for one of our earlier time slots as the show tends to be busier as the night goes on.

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