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Get to Know The Glow Team

How did Glow begin? What goes into preparing a show? Who are the people and elves behind making it all happen? Read on for a peek at how the magic unfolds every year. Get to know our president and head-elf as well as the process that it takes for every Glow light festival to happen.

The Spark That Became Glow

Once upon a crisp 2017 winter evening, nestled in the heart of the Lower Mainland, a magical vision sprang to life in what was once a silent greenhouse. 

Glow’s founders were looking for a holiday event that they would be excited to take their families to and couldn’t find anything quite magical enough. This, and their access to an empty greenhouse in the winter, was the spark that gave life to Glow! The team set out to create not just an event, but to bring families together and offer a magical experience celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

Each year, we weave a new tale of lights and wonder, inviting families to step into a world bursting with vibrant stories and shimmering playgrounds. Children’s laughter fills the air as they embark on enchanting scavenger hunts. The heartbeats of local talent reverberate in our live performances, while the Merry Makers Market showcases the best of artisanal crafts, setting the perfect backdrop for festive feasts from our select food trucks.

From its humble Langley beginnings, Glow’s magic has spread far and wide, touching hearts across North America, from the East to the West Coast.

A Magical Glow Team

Every Glow event takes hundreds of elf hours to put together. It all starts with theme design — every year Glow brings a whole new theme and lights to life and that concept and design process starts at least one or two years in advance. Following design there are months of coordination and testing back and forth with the fabrication team. Once the lights pass the elves’ inspection, then begins the build.

A team of elves work around the clock over several weeks (as weather allows) to build the light displays, prepare the pathways, hoist the tents, make the signs, prepare the stage, decorate the venue and add all the magical touches to really make Glow shine. They make a list and check it twice!

Finally, as Glow opens up to welcome families from all over the Lower Mainland, there is another team of elves that bring the festival to life and make sure everyone has a wonderful experience. From security to vendors to performers and maintenance, so many people work together to make Glow happen. Of course we also get a hand from the big guy himself 😉 who supervises Glow himself every evening until Dec 24th when he embarks on his trip around the world.

Santa has designated Daryl Driegen, Glow’s president and co-founder to make sure everything goes smoothly every year. From making sure all the lights are shining brightly to welcoming families at the gate, Daryl can always be found in the hustle and bustle of the magical atmosphere. To help him out there is also Kaitlyn Scheper, Glow’s General Manager who also knows the show inside out. She was in fact the first elf to join the Glow team back in 2017! (You can read more about the Glow team here)

Revel in the Carnival of Lights

Everyone at Glow is so excited as we are only days away from our grand opening with our brand new theme “Christmas Carnival”, launching on November 23rd.

We can’t wait to welcome families to experience our lights extravaganza adorned with cozy, heated shelters, whimsical, free mini-carnival games, and a craft corner alive with creation. Over a million lights will dance in the night, guiding you through a landscape of holiday wonders.

In a time when every penny counts, Glow Langley extends an invitation to all, keeping the festive spirit alive with ticket prices unchanged, ensuring the season’s cheer is accessible to everyone. With complimentary parking and clear Glow umbrellas on hand, the celebration never dims rain or shine! Be sure to check out our FREE snack nights happening on Nov 23, Dec 12, Dec 14 and Dec 19. We also have a special evening on Dec 6 just for seniors to receive $6 off admission and enjoy special live performances. Coca-cola is also joining in the excitement this year on Dec 18th and will be visiting with their team of elves with free samples!

We have a huge line up of surprises and we cannot wait for everyone to come experience the magic.

Get your tickets now! 

Don’t forget to use code Carnival to get 20% off any week day.

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