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Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones Beyond Material Things

In a world where the emphasis on material possessions is overwhelming, this holiday season offer a breath of fresh air. Why not consider gifting experiences, time, and love instead of physical items?

Here are some heartwarming and thoughtful alternative present ideas to make your loved ones feel special this holiday season:

Host a Regifting White Elephant Exchange

In the spirit of sustainability and fun, organize a white elephant exchange. Everyone brings something they already own but no longer need. It’s a wonderful way to give items a second life while enjoying the company of friends and family.

Offer Acts of Service

Is your loved one’s language of affection acts of service? Gift them a homemade meal or lend a hand with a dreaded chore. During the bustling holiday season, a little help goes a long way and will surely be appreciated.

Share Your Talents

Do you have a skill or hobby you’re passionate about? Offer your expertise as a present. Whether it’s music lessons, photography skills, or another talent, sharing your abilities is a personal and meaningful gift.

Gift Quality Time

Time is a precious commodity that everyone values. Plan to take a class together or sign up for a shared experience. This gift of togetherness can create cherished memories and a new shared skill or hobby.

Make a Charitable Donation

Choose a cause that your loved one holds dear and make a donation in their name. Consider supporting one of the Glow Charity Partners: Mom2Mom, Options Community Services, Surrey Christmas Bureau, Canucks Autism Network, or Surrey Hospital Foundation.

Treat Them to Glow Christmas Carnival

Give the gift of unforgettable experiences with tickets to the Glow Christmas Carnival. With the price of admission covering all attractions and parking, it’s a hassle-free and delightful outing. Featuring live performances, an artisan market, food trucks, carnival-themed games, a craft corner, a train ride, and a Garden Centre bathed in the glow of over a million twinkling lights, this carnival promises captivating photos and cherished memories.

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