Customer Update – Dec. 23

Dear Customers and Glow Friends,

We realize we’ve been quieter than usual in the past 48 hours, and we thank you for your patience. Please know that we’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes to obtain permission to continue to operate, similar to retailers and restaurants who are allowed to offer drive-through or curb-side service.

At the time of this update, we are working with the Ministry of Health and Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Williams. This approach proved successful at our Glow location in Langley, BC, however, we don’t yet have a final answer for Ontario.

We will see this conversation through to the end, and do everything we can to bring Niagara the holiday celebration we promised.

We want to assure you that IF the final decision is to turn off the lights for 2020, we have easy options for our ticketholders. We’re already planning our 2021 event, and hope that we’ll see you there. Please stick with us just a little longer. We will be emailing and posting the next steps for our ticketholders this week. Whatever the outcome, your ticket will remain valid and you will have options for what to do with your ticket.

Your support has been amazing, Niagara, and we believe it’s worthwhile to explore all possibilities to keep the lights on at Glow.

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