The Best Christmas Lights Displays in Niagara

We all know that Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but don’t forget that the festive season isn’t just for the kids—it’s also a great chance for grown-ups to relive some of their own fondest memories. If you close your eyes, doesn’t it all come streaming back? The presents, the goodwill, the toasty beverages, the whole family laughing together. And no Christmas recollection would be complete without a thorough look at the best Christmas Displays in Niagara.

The Best Christmas Lights Displays in Niagara

2020 has been a tough year, but there’s good news: we’re getting close to the end of it, which means it won’t be long until you can take a stroll around Niagara and feast your eyes on the town’s best and brightest Christmas lights displays! What’s more fun than warming yourself up with a bit of hot cocoa, getting into the holiday spirit, and taking a quick jaunt around town to treat yourself to all the pretty lights? Read on to discover all the very best Christmas lights displays in Niagara this holiday season.

Glow Niagara

Glow Gardens is back this year, and they’re taking things to a whole new level of festive fun. By transforming the Safari Niagara park space into an enormous Christmas dream machine, the team has been busier than ever, with more than a million lights set up to keep grown-ups and children alike enchanted by the magic of Christmas. The touchless, drive-through journey will take you through a magical village of lights, including a huge reindeer, adorable teddy bears, and even a 30+ tree all lit up!

Tune your car radio over to GLOW FM for the perfect drive-by accompaniment and help Santa discover all the presents he lost throughout the Glow Gardens themselves. And if you’re feeling a little competitive, post any pictures you find of his gifts to social media with the #GlowNiagara hashtag for the chance to win a special gift from Santa Claus himself. You can expect the trip to take around 45 minutes, and please do try to turn up on time so the parade of sleighs doesn’t get too congested.

4646 Miller Road, Welland

Famous throughout the entire district of Niagara for their reliably wonderful Christmas Lights displays, the family at 4646 Miller Road has been steadily upping their game for the last number of years. Having initially started out with only a few lights and inflatables, they’ve gradually added to their collection as time went on, incorporating new items that they bought, as well as gifts from thoughtful neighbours.

Christmas Displays in Niagara

This year, the once humble display has been transformed into a full-on extravaganza, with Christmas music playing in the yard and tons of different light-up structures, designed to bring joy to everybody who gets to set eyes on such a dazzling set-up.

85 Debora Drive, Grimsby

Christmas is the holiday of giving, but it’s also a time to take stock of the year and process everything that happened—and the Christmas lights display set up by the couple that lives on 85 Debora Drive is an especially emotional affair, owing to the tragic passing of their daughter at a young age. 

Christmas Displays in Niagara

Every year, the household lights up their home as a way to honour the memory of their daughter, which has led to an emotional Christmas lights display complete with polar bears, icicles, angles, and a touching sign with their daughter’s name on it. Stop by on your trip around Niagara and spend a few moments here if you get the chance; it’ll remind you what Christmas is really about, which is celebrating our loved ones.

Rio Lane Festival of Lights, St. Catharines

For most of the year, Rio Lane is a fairly quiet, residential street—but when Christmas rolls around, the residents spring to life and leave no stone unturned in search of the perfect Christmas lights display. From top to bottom, the houses will be decked out with lights and inflatables, meaning that a standard stroll through the neighbourhood is likely to be a whole lot more beautiful than you might’ve expected.

Christmas Displays in Niagara

Christmas is the season of giving, after all, which is why any perishable goods brought along as donations will be collected on behalf of Community Care of St Catharines and Thorold, so even if you’re not 100% sure about what you’d like to bring, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll go to a good cause.

1791 York Road, St. David’s

No list of the best Christmas lights displays in Niagara would be complete without a well-deserved mention of 1791 York Road. This single residence has been making a name for itself in the local community over the years with its increasingly beautiful set-ups, and 2020’s Christmas display promises to be more of the same.

Christmas Displays in Niagara

With 16 years of experience, the family at 1791 York Road knows just what it takes to put on a real show—so this is one house you certainly don’t want to leave out of your sightseeing trip. Don’t forget to park your car and hop out for a quick stroll around, since there are a few special lights that you can only see on foot. After all, nobody wants to miss out on any Christmas magic!

Whether you’re just planning to take a quick cruise around Niagara to check out the lights, or whether your holiday tradition involves a detailed look at all the Christmas lights displays on offer, make sure you don’t forget to consider paying a visit to Glow Niagara’s 3 kilometre drive-though lighting experience. 

Christmas Displays in Niagara

And if you just want to play a part in the collective neighbourhood cheer, you can expect to be thoroughly impressed by the diligence of the residents, who remember clearly exactly what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Displays in Niagara


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