The Best Places to Propose in Ottawa


The winter season is upon us in Ottawa and many couples are hunkering down for the season to enjoy some quality time together. If you are planning to make this your last Christmas as a single person, then you are likely putting together the perfect plan for popping the big question in the near future.

In this case, it’s important to know about some of the best places to propose in the Canadian capital. Though there are numerous options to choose from for a great winter proposal, here we have distilled the most romantic and seasonally appropriate venues that will offer you a backdrop for your proposal that will make it unforgettable.

Glow Proposal

Christmas Glow Ottawa

The seasonal Christmas Glow festival offers an unparalleled and unique experience for romantic dates – and for great proposals. If you want to surround yourself with a romantic and aesthetically pleasing ambiance filled with Christmas light displays and artisanal vendor stalls, then seriously consider making this your first choice for asking the big question. With many food and drink options, there is plenty of assistance nearby just in case your date becomes hypoglycemic after you get down on one knee. Be sure to enjoy the first moments of your engagement together while catching some of the rotating live entertainment options on-site.

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Skating the Rideau Canal

Skating The Rideau Canal

As one of the standard winter dates in Ottawa, skating the Rideau Canal is one of the best options available for a romantic proposal in the city. Skating on the Canal is completely free and you are bound to be in good company with many other couples skating by hand in hand. The world’s largest naturally frozen skating area is available as soon as the weather is cold enough to keep the ice thick (usually starting in early January).

Love Locks Bridge Ottawa

Put Your Lock On Love Lock Bridge

Many couples from around the world have made it a point to demonstrate their eternal bond by securing a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Ottawa. While it may not be as famous as the Pont des Arts love lock area, the sentiment that you share with your partner is the most important thing! The bridge is easy to find as it is near Ottawa University (the Somerset Footbridge). Make a stop by this landmark as part of a larger date evening or simply as a destination for your proposal!

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Across Canada

On Parliament Hill during the Christmas season, you can observe the visual spectacle of Christmas lights and eye-catching artwork once the sun goes down. Walk by after a great meal at one of Ottawa’s premier romantic restaurants and make your proposal as you pass by the displays.

Christmas Market in Ottawa

Lansdowne Christmas Market

If you are looking to make a big statement with your proposal this season, then you need to set the mood properly by considering the scale of the ambiance. In this case, you need to check out one of the biggest Christmas trees in the city at the Lansdowne Christmas Market. Beyond the beauty of the lights and the pine needles, you will also be able to peruse the location for some warm beverages and snacks to celebrate the first moments of your engagement.

Nordik Spa

Nordik Spa

As one of the premier romantic locations in the city, the Nordik Spa is a great choice for couples who love to relax in style. With a truly natural environment to set the tone for your dream proposal, you will also be able to destress and focus on your partner through Scandinavian-style bathing and wood sauna treatments. Make sure to spend some time with a cup of tea or other warm beverages in heated hammocks or cabins located on the property. You can even make a day of this activity and build up the momentum to your proposal while relaxing in comfort.


As the home to many young professionals, Ottawa is filled with many venues and events that make ideal choices for great proposals. This list provides some inspiration, but the option that will work best for you and your partner is ultimately up to you.

Consider the mood and the ambiance of each location and find a venue that will suit the tastes of you and your partner. However, you certainly cannot go wrong by choosing any of the places on this list!

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