The Santa Claus Parade in Saskatoon

Holiday revellers celebrating Saskatoon’s annual Santa Claus Parade.


He wears big black boots with a bushy grey beard and brings people joy and good cheer. Who else could it be but Santa Claus himself?

With so much for you and your family to see and do during the holiday season, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. To ensure you don’t miss any Christmas fun, we’ve put in the time to find some of the best local events happening near you this season.

That’s right, it’s getting to be that time of the year again where the Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade kicks off. Now into its 29th year, the theme of this year’s parade is ‘silver bells’. Last year, over 20,000 people turned out to greet Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and this year the turnout is projected to be even better. 

For some people it’s chestnuts and an open fire; for others, it’s mulled wine and mince pies. But for us, nothing ushers in Christmas cheer quite like Santa’s arrival in Midtown. Compiled in this article is all the relevant information needed for you to enjoy the Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade, the event that is on everybody’s lips. 

So get that fire burning and grab a seat so we can tell you all about what to expect.

Save the Date

The televised (yes, televised!) event gets going on the 17th of November. It starts on Avenue A South, which is a scenic part of the city to revel during such an enjoyable event. Kids will love the chance to appear on television, so make sure you don’t miss this year’s big holiday bash.

What Can I Do While I’m Waiting?

Santa waving to the audience from atop his sleigh.

The Saskatoon annual Santa Claus Parade didn’t get to its 29th year by boring spectators. It got there by entertaining and making people feel excited. It gets underway at 1 pm and will last an hour, with over 64 entries, led by the Grand Marshals, Saskatoon Tribal Council Chief Mark Arcand and the White Buffalo Youth Lodge. Before that, though, there will be time to mingle and socialize and explore all the festivities on offer. 

You can grab yourself a hot chocolate (or something a little stronger), and enjoy the wide range of delicious snacks on offer. And you know what else? Anything you consume is 100% certified guilt-free because it’s a Sunday afternoon and as everybody knows, calories don’t count on Sundays.

The Route the Parade Takes

It’s been said that Santa Claus has been personally involved, keeping himself in constant correspondence with the hard-working volunteers to plan the route. He is also said to take a special interest in the Saskatoon parade, citing it as one of his favourites. 

And it’s not hard to see why. 

Covering the Central Business District, the parade starts at Avenue A South and then travels easily down 19th Street East, before heading north on 3rd Avenue South, turning west on 22nd Street East and finally heading south on 1st Avenue South. 

It’s a bold move to have a parade encompass the Central Business District, but doing so provides enough space for everybody to get the most out of the day. But this probably won’t come as a surprise. After all, if there’s one thing Santa knows it’s how to please the people.

Our Top Tips

Mr. and Mrs. Claus waving to the crowd during the parade.

Temperatures are expected to settle around the 5 degree Celsius mark, which is a little warmer than the North Pole. However, hats, coats, gloves and other layers are still recommended as it’s hardly the Mediterranean. Attendees are welcome to bring their own seating, as there will be strict parking and traffic restrictions starting from 7 am and running all the way until 3 pm. No access to any street involved in the parade will be granted, and drivers are advised to give themselves a head start when planning to visit downtown destinations.  

As always, the mighty Saskatoon Transit is an option for all, but especially the environmentally minded. The earlier you arrive, the better spot you’ll get and the better chance you stand of being a recipient of Santa’s famous wink or wave.


Three Saskatoon holiday celebrators, holding a sign advertising the Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade.

The only thing we love as much as Christmas is a parade, and when the two marry, fireworks go off in our heads. Nevermore so than in Saskatoon. 

If you’re at a loose end once the festivities have died down in the late afternoon, we’d strongly advise checking out Christmas Glow Saskatoon. It’s full of markets and music and delicious food and drink and boasts a whopping one million sparkling lights inside. It’s the kind of place that once you go, you’ll want to go again after telling everyone you know. It’s a very special place; it brings new meaning to Christmas. Kids will love the interactive playgrounds, while adults can kick back with some grown-up time at the onsite licensed bar.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade.


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