About us


TD Greenhouses is a modern greenhouse operation that produces quality Hydrangea, Bedding plants, Hanging baskets, Garden Mums, Poinsettia and other potted plants. Located in the Niagara region, we are able to supply to a wide customer base both in Canada and the United States. 


Products are delivered to local outlets daily in our climate controlled truck throughout each season. For special orders, deliveries can take place within 24 hours, given the availability.  We aim to serve our customers with quality products delivered on a timely basis. 

For more information on our products and pricing please contact our sales team at 905-876-4964


Production within our facility is geared towards specific seasons as our availability changes throughout the year.  Our season starts out with Hydrangea and Chrysanthemum for Easter. Bedding plants and Hanging Baskets for our spring Crop. Cucumbers are grown for our summer crop. Our season ends with Fall Mums and Poinsettias for Christmas