Our Values

Our Corporate Vision

We will be good stewards of our financial, intellectual and human resources, adding value for the benefit of all stakeholders (owners, employees, clients, lenders, consumers, the community and the environment) to the Glory of God.

We aim to be good stewards of our resources as they affect…

Our Customers

We pay diligent attention to the details involved with day to day growing activities. Especially when choosing our plant sources, investing in technological innovations and focusing on clear communication at all levels of the supply chain. Our staff is deeply committed to remain positive and professional at every point of contact with our customer.

Our Employees

We take a vested interest in our staff in regards to their safety, personal improvement, and working and living environments. In addition, we ensure an open communication channel at all times.

Our Suppliers

We seek out suppliers who demonstrate a mature social conscience and a high level of integrity.  Fair work practices and environmental consciousness are our highest priority when sourcing products from around the world.

Our Partner Growers

We ensure that our partner growers receive all the material supplies and intellectual support that they need. In this way, they can carry out a successful project as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, to the benefit of all parties.

Our Environment

We continually strive to be environmental leaders so that we can help protect our natural environment.  We recycle our irrigation water and rain water, in addition to all of our plastic and cardboard waste, to ensure a healthy world for the next generation.