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5 Christmas and Holiday Light Decorating Companies in Toronto

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. You have presents to wrap, meals to cook, and cards to send. If you’re pressed for time this December, consider leaving the holiday decorating to someone else. Whether you have someone put up your outdoor lights or hire a pro to come in and deck the inside, having help will free up your schedule so you can concentrate on other things. Here are five Christmas and holiday light decorating companies in Toronto.

Christmas Decor

If you need a professional LED Christmas lights installation and decorating service that can make your house stand out from the rest, contact Christmas Decor. Prices start at $1,500, and they use energy-efficient LED lights. Their service also includes setup, takedown, and storage of your lights and decor, so you don’t have to worry about finding space for your Christmas decorations and lights. In addition to lighting up the exterior of your home, they also tackle adding lights to walkways, trees, and gardens.

Lawn Savers Christmas Decorators

Lawn Savers Christmas Decorators rely on their 15+ years of experience to provide the best Christmas light installation Toronto offers. They will work with you to develop a feasible design that they will implement from installation to storage for the following year. The base price is $1,500 and increases depending on your needs. Hurry, though, as their calendar fills up very quickly each year.

GTA Irrigation and Lighting

For reliable outdoor light Christmas decorators, call GTA Irrigation and Lighting to illuminate your home. They decorate residential and business locations, and you can even contact them for a free consultation and estimate. Instead of climbing ladders and replacing burnt-out bulbs, hire this professional company that can brave the chilly weather for you to put up a beautiful display.

Shack Shine

You may not live in a shack, but you certainly want your lights to shine all season long. Shack Shine not only has a fun name, but they’re experts at putting up stunning holiday displays. These holiday decorators keep Toronto homes and businesses beautifully lit, and provide design, installation, takedown, and storage. They’ll also keep your design plan so that you can repeat the same look or make a few tweaks for the following year.

Vintage Bash

Need more decorating help beyond your outdoors? Hire Vintage Bash to create a gorgeous interior, too. They’ll even decorate your Christmas tree! Pick a theme for your tree, and they’ll ensure you have a lovely, decorated evergreen worthy of putting your gifts under. Vintage Bash also provides other decor items, and they can come and set your holiday dinner table for you. Truly, this company does it all so that you can relax and enjoy the season.×1366.jpg.webp

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