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5 Most Instagrammable Places in Toronto

It’s no secret that social media has a prominent place in our society. Many folks take photos and claim that they’re doing it “for the ‘gram.” Often these pictures happen in the most beautiful locations, attracting other picture-takers, and then, voila! You have a place that has become known as Instagrammable. If you love filling your feed with spectacular selfies or cute images of the kids, we’ve rounded up the five most Instagrammable places in Toronto. We suggest the ideal backdrops, but the rest is up to you! 

Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs encompasses 11 parks within a 15km stretch of coastline, which means there are plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect photograph. Hike up to an elevated vantage point for a more interesting view, or simply walk along the many trails anticipating the ideal spot. Although the area is lovely during all seasons, it’s incredibly gorgeous when the snow covers the ground and ice just starts to form on the water.


Polson Pier Skyline Viewpoint

If you want to capture Toronto in all of its glory, take a photo of the city skyline. The perfect place to head to is Polson Pier Skyline Viewpoint, where you can photograph the various buildings set against the blue sky during the day. Heading to the pier at night allows you to capture images of the city lights as they light up the sky. No matter when you go, either snap a photo of the cityscape by itself or use your smartphone to take a selfie (or groupie!) with Toronto in the background. 


Gooderham Building

Architecture lovers enjoy seeking out unique structures, and if you want to include one in your pictures, visit the Gooderham Building. Built in 1891 and also known as the Flatiron Building, this location is uniquely situated on a triangle of land with streets going down both sides, making it especially interesting for photos.  Whether you go during the day, wait for winter snowfall, or snap images at night, it’s beautiful in any situation.


Nathan Phillips Square

Similar to the art museum, Nathan Phillips Square has reflecting pools and geometric shapes. However, this location has a less modern, more old-world vibe. The arches are perfect for centering your picture as the water shines back images of the lovely buildings. Another plus is that the square hosts events throughout the year, so you can also take photos while a lot is happening in the city. The Toronto sign is also prominent, which is another area to focus your IG image.


Glow Christmas Toronto

The holidays are perfect for grabbing an Instagram picture amongst all of the twinkling lights and festive vibes. Not only is Glow Christmas Toronto filled with the holiday spirit, but there are also multiple opportunities to take pictures while you’re there. Take photos in the frames designed explicitly for staging pictures, or center an image with one of the large-scale light displays in the background. Kids can also have their photos taken while they ride the train or visit Santa. There are seemingly endless opportunities for holiday photo fun at Glow Christmas!

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