The Best Places to Propose in Vancouver


As one of the most metropolitan cities in all of Canada, Vancouver offers many opportunities for romantic proposals – especially throughout the winter season. If you have engagement plans in the near future, then sorting out where to pop the question to your partner is likely at the forefront of your mind. In this case, the problem is figuring out how to choose the best venue with the right ambiance to suit the dynamic of your relationship.

During the winter season in Vancouver, there are date options to suit every taste and every activity level. Each of these can set the stage for a memorable and romantic proposal. To provide you with some inspiration in coming up with a romantic and memorable venue for your pending engagement, let’s look at some of the best places to propose in Vancouver in a bit more detail.

Glow Proposal

Christmas Glow Vancouver

During the winter season in Vancouver, there may be no better place to pop the question than at the Christmas Glow festival. This dazzling display of Christmas light installations is sure to inspire feelings of romance and warmth even during the colder winter months. You and your partner can enjoy spending the afternoon wandering through the area. You can even enjoy numerous food and beverage options to restore your energy for the big moment. After you have revealed the engagement ring, the two of you can spend the rest of your evening perusing vendor stalls and picking out gifts to celebrate your successful proposal.

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Northern Lights Vancouver

Under the Northern Lights

Hiking around Vancouver in the evening offers a number of great venues from which to see the Northern Lights on full display. This dazzling natural phenomenon will fill you and your partner with awe and wonder, making it perfect for opening up the evening to romantic possibilities. Under the stars, the moon, and the Borealis lights, you will be able to illuminate your evening proposal in a way that neither of you will ever forget.

Vancouver Christmas Market

Vancouver Christmas Market

If you would prefer to make a very public display of your affection to your partner, then perhaps you might find the best location in the midst of the Vancouver Christmas Market this winter season. With abundant vendors selling food and warm beverages, you can warm up to the idea of proposing to your partner along the Vancouver boardwalk. If you want more prestige as the backdrop for your engagement, then try getting down on one knee in front of the enormous Christmas tree that is featured each year — after all, it is filled with tens of thousands of lights!

Vancouver Theathre

Take in Some High Art

If you and your partner are theatre enthusiasts, then a proposal following a performance of the Nutcracker might be right up your alley. During the winter season, you can be sure to catch a show at one of the city’s performing arts centres. You can be sure that if you plan to propose at this venue, your partner will be as impressed with you as with the show!

Igloo Vancouver

Sleep in an Igloo

For the truly daring, you can plan to propose to your partner after a night of sleeping in an igloo! In the Callaghan Valley, one company offers to house couples in a private ice shelter for an evening of romance and adventure under the stars. Best of all, you need to construct the shelter yourself (under the supervision of the staff)! Once the hard work is over, you will then be treated to great food options, delicious wine, and a quiet ambiance which will provide you with the right moment to make a great proposal.

Vancouver Outdoor Rink

Have an Ice Skating Adventure

Vancouver is not really known for having a lively outdoor skating rink scene, but this makes it an even more novel option for those looking to propose during a day on the ice! There are some outdoor rinks around if you know where to look, so you are not out of luck in any case. If you are close to the city, then try out the outdoor rink at nearby Grouse Mountain for an easy fix. After your successful proposal, you can even hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding together.


As the most dynamic city on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is filled with winter date ideas that can provide the best pretext for an unforgettable proposal. With abundant opportunities for unique winter activities and events, there are many different contexts to choose from when formulating your ideal proposal in your head. Take your pick from the above list to get some inspiration!


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